Subsidiary Rights: 
General Information

Alex started his agenting career selling foreign and audio book rights. Glass Literary Management concentrates on exploiting the subsidiary rights to our books in a variety of formats in publishing and other media.

We work with the following subagents around the world who sell the rights to our clients’ books directly to foreign publishers in their territories:

France: Marotte et Compagnie
Italy: Donzelli Fietta Agency
Germany: Mohrbooks
Spain, Portugal, Latin America: MB Agencia Literaria
Scandinavia and Holland: Sebes and Bisseling
Russia, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, former Yugoslavia, Baltic States: PiP
Poland: Macadamia Literary
Czech and Slovak Republics: Kristin Olson Literary Agency
Turkey: Akcali Copyright Agency
Israel: TBP Agency
Korea: The Eric Yang Agency
China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia: Grayhawk Agency
Japan: Tuttle-Mori

We partner with top book-to-screen and media rights agents, managers, and producers to sell and option the film, television, and podcast rights to our clients’ books. With three feature films under our belt, one distributed by Paramount, one by the Weinstein Company, and one a Paramount+ original; a limited series set to debut on Apple TV+ in 2023; and several more projects in development, film, television, and podcast rights are a specialty and a focus for us.

We sell audio book rights directly to major publishers as well as independent audio book companies.