Lizzie Assa

Lizzie Assa is a parenting strategist, play expert, mom of three, and founder of The Workspace for Children. She helps parents who are overwhelmed and burned out make simple tweaks to how they approach their kids.  Those small changes have a huge impact on making daily life more manageable for the whole family.

Prior to founding The Workspace for Children, Lizzie was a stay-at-home mom with three kids under five. Unlike most of her friends,  she really liked being home with the kids and the day-to-day rhythms they were building. She felt fulfilled and pretty happy. Every day she was using her background in early childhood education to teach her kids how to be independent.  She used her classroom experience to create play and art activities that my kids could do independently while she showered and talked on the phone. Most of the time, it was pretty awesome. Eventually, the strain of being a single-income household became too much.  She started creating courses and digital products that focused on empowering parents with actionable steps toward raising creative, independent children, all while building in a break to meet their own needs.  And since then, The Workspace for Children has grown over 200K followers on Instagram and now she gets to teach thousands of families that parenting does not need to be a blur of snacks, dirty diapers, and runny noses until you collapse into bed exhausted. She is on a mission to show parents that by teaching their children the skill of independent play, they’ll be gaining back time to fulfill their own needs and building a family culture that values creativity, independence, and playfulness.

Lizzie has a Masters of Science in Education from The Bank Street School of Education in NYC and a Bachelor of Science from Muhlenberg College.  Her work has been mentioned in Time, The New York Times and Parents.  Her first book is in the works.

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